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Boundary Scan Tester

ScanWorks® JTAG Solutions

for Boundary Scan Technology, test debugging and in-system programming

JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) finalized the IEEE 1149.1 Standard which is popularly known as JTAG Standard or the Boundary Scan Standard with the purpose of providing an easy way to test today’s complex boards with complex and Programmable components with have large I/O (ex. 1000+ to 8000+ I/O pins) which are again mounted on the PCB’s whose layers are increasing day by day from 4+ to 8+ to 12+ layers.

With more usage of the device with packages like BGA and Fine pitch QFP’s, the test and debugging of the boards in the development stage or in the low volume production or in Large volume production is becoming more complex even with the use of conventional test tools like the bed of nails testers, because of the cost and non availability of test access etc.

JTAG or the Boundary Scan or the IEEE 1149.1 std has become the only way to address these the issue of pin level access (virtual) of the types of components in today complex boards and help in the debugging these at the prototype or in the production or in the field repair stage.

JTAG also address the programming in-system logic and the flash devices in a much faster and easier way.

ASSET InterTech Inc., ScanWorks range of boundary-scan(JTAG) tools provides a comprehensive solutions to address all the issues associated with the test, debugging, in-system programming of today’s technology complex components mounted on the complex printed circuit boards.

ASSET InterTech products:

Interconnect Development station bundle
The ScanWorks Interconnect Development System brings together pre-configured development software and hardware in an easy and affordable, yet powerful boundary scan (IEEE1149.1/JTAG) test and programming development station. ScanWorks Interconnect Development Station is ideally suited for design, manufacturing and field test applications.
Are you looking for a JTAG test system to debug prototypes and pinpoint defects early in design? With no limits on scan path length or the number of boundary-scan devices on the scan path, ScanWorks supports even the most complex designs and generates tests in record time.
Interconnect Development Station Bundle includes:

• Scan Path Verification
• Interconnect Pattern Generation
• PLD Program Generation
• ScanWorksAPI
• Interconnect Pin-Level Diagnostics

Test Development station bundle
The ScanWorks Test Development Station has features like the Design Manager, which accelerates the automatic generation of JTAG tests and manages the flow of the design and device data that is needed to compile boundary scan tests. These tests can be applied to both boundary-scan and non-boundary-scan devices on the board. The Test Development Station is also used to test and diagnose prototype boards during design. Its diagnostics capabilities can extend down to the net and pin level.

The ScanWorks Test Development Station can be equipped with a design browser interface, providing the system with a web-based and easy-to-use collaboration and communications tool. The design browser can also be used to pinpoint faults in a layout view and to share CAE or CAD information with co-workers who may not have access to the CAE/CAD systems.
The Test Development Station Bundle includes:

• Design Manager
• Scan Path Verification
• Automatic Model-Based Interconnect Test Generation
• Process Automation Scripting
• Memory Access Verification
• Interconnect Pin-Level Diagnostics
• PLD Program Generation
• Net List Merging
• Design Browser
• Interactive Debugger and Scan Analyzer

Manufacturing station
The ScanWorks Manufacturing Station provides a cost-effective means of applying JTAG vectors during high-volume manufacturing. In addition, ScanWorks increases the value of the ICT equipment many manufacturers currently have by sharing the burden of test between ICT and ScanWorks stations. This reduces the cost of ICT fixtures by decreasing the complexity of fixtures. The throughput of the manufacturing line is increased and the effectiveness of ICT-based test is improved. In fact, ScanWorks has been integrated with Agilent's 3070 ICT systems, offering seamless and simple operations of ScanWorks on 3070 systems.

Programming station
The ScanWorks Programming Station takes advantage of boundary-scan access to load programs or configuration data into flash memories or programmable logic devices (PLDs) after these devices have been bonded to a printed circuit board (PCB). In-system programming (ISP) or in-system configuration (ISC) operations are optimized on ScanWorks because of the system's high-speeds (up to 50 MHz) and the station's multi-port capabilities, which allow it to program flash memory on as many as four PCBs in parallel.
Diagnostic and Repair Station
The ScanWorks Diagnostic & Repair Station has been tailored for applications where the fast isolation of faults and the identification of their causes are of paramount importance. Failed printed circuit boards coming off a manufacturing line or faulty product returned by a customer could be routed to the manufacturer's repair facility. In either case, the faster the manufacturer corrects the problem and ensures the quality of the assembly, the sooner that particular product can be transformed from a liability into a revenue opportunity.