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Solder paste Inspection - Manual - Offline

Caltex Solder Paste Height Measurement System (SPM-300) is the low-cost QC solution for SMT manufacturing. One system with two functions: solder paste height measurement and video inspection & taking pictures. With zoom 50x-300x, the system is capable of measuring height or depth down to 0.001", plus measuring solder mask, trace, pads, pitch and through holes. When inspection is called for, 50x-300x zoom plus digital-video imaging on your PC is so easy on the eyes and so quick to capture defect images and email right from your computer. The system is both economical as well as easy to use for any SMT production floor. This tool is ideal for measuring solder paste to gain better printing process as well as quality inspection for post re-flow solder joints. Solder Paste Measurement System SPM-300-3D The system is completed with mega pixel digital camera, zoom optic 50x-300x, laser light, rotational view and measurement software for your Windows/Pentium computer. Key Benefits:
  • True digital-video system for measurement, inspection, taking pictures, documentation, and email for SMT industry

  • Measurement software & laser light for solder paste height measurement with simple mouse clicks

  • Easy to use measurement for X-Y, Z height, radius, diameter, area, path length for lead pitch, through holes, components

  • High accuracy measurement of 0.001 inch with 2 micron accuracy.

  • Compare images with image library files

  • Use the same system for multiple department: process, production, QC, failure analysis lab, R&D

  • Wide zoom range 50x-300x (upgradeable to 20x-800x)

  • 3D Rotational inspection add-on for solder joints, solder paste, and QFP leads

  • Three functions in one system: solder paste measurement, BGA inspection measurement, and 3D rotational inspection

  • Low cost, easy to use, latest digital-video technology.

Caltex 3D Solder Paste Measurement (SPM-300-3D) system configuration:
  • Color CCD camera and digital video interface for direct connect to computer

  • Zoom lens 50x-300x with laser light for height measurement

  • Integrated fiber optic lighting for critical inspection

  • High accuracy, easy-to-use measurement software for measuring height, pad, trace, pitch...(Windows Vista/XP)

  • Multi-position system boom stand with tilting mount for angle view, for large circuit board

  • Optional 3D rotational 45 viewing add-on

  • Optional BGA Scope 90� inspection add-on

  • Optional mega pixel digital color camera (1.4, 2.0, 3.0 mega pixel)

How it works: The SPM-300 projects a thin slice of laser light through a focusing lens onto the solder paste. This extremely thin slice of laser light intersects the top portion of solder paste first before reaching the board, which produces an offset of two lines due to height difference. Since this laser light is aligned at 45 degree, the profile of lines is in (1:1) one to one correspondent with the Z-Axis (Height Profile) of solder paste being measured. One then just measure the distance between these two lines to obtain Z-Height data. One can also measure any X-Y distances and Area on the solder paste to calculate for volume.