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Handheld Optical Inspection Solutions
The world's first truly portable, handheld, high resolution video microscope. The application of unique packaging, lighting and optics allows for superior quality image reproduction by a lightweight and handheld microscope.

The Handiscope was named a "Product of the Year Finalist 2001", by Plant Engineering Magazine.

The handheld video output design of the HandiScope allows a teacher to stand in the front of the class and present microscopic images of salt crystals and other objects of interest on the classroom TV or lab projector. A quality control inspector can view an electronics board or vacuum seal right off the assembly line instead of back in the QC lab. A physician or veterinarian can view a skin wound, sutures or infection at high magnification on the spot to enhance the diagnosis or view the treatment effectiveness.

Education: Manufacturing: Police/Fire: Medical/Veterinary:
- Art
- Biology
- Botany
- Chemistry
- Geography
- Inspection
- Preventative Maintenance
- Product Sampling
- Quality Contro
- Gathering and Presenting Evidence
- Investigations
- Fraud
- Counterfeiting
- Skin Evaluation
- Infection
- Hair/Scalp Condition
- Suture Effectiveness
Salient Features of HandiScope

Portable handheld design allows for the observance of microscopic items anywhere, not just in a lab or inspection   station.
  1. Video output allows for real time viewing on a TV or LCD projector so a whole class or audience can view the item at once.
  2. Saves time because the time-consuming process of preparing microscopic slides can be eliminated.
  3. Using the HandiScope with the optional PC interface kit allows for the storage, annotation, and transmittal of microscopic images.
  4. Apply the freeze-image function to hold the image on screen and discuss the details with the audience.