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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 16:47
The Strategy VIP Series has all the power and the flexibility required to provide a complete test solution, from MDA testing to high frequency functional digital tests. It is designed to include a variety of physical system configurations, so each user can choose the one best suited to the application: in-circuit test bench, functional test bench or automated test handler. Modular and flexible, the Strategy VIP Series is a powerful platform, designed to manage multiple test strategies, providing optimum test performances:

- Analog and digital in-circuit testing
- Functional testing
- Vectorless testing
- Boundary scan
- IEEE, PXI or VXI instrument integration
- Flash programming
- High voltage capability

High Performance High Throughput
At the heart of the Strategy VIP Series measurement system is the ACL Synthetic Instrument, which provides high, DSP-driven performance and flexibility for DC/AC stimuli and measurements. The ACL Synthetic Instrumentation platform optimizes test time with its extremely fast measurement capability, and can be expanded to perform real parallel tests in multi-panel configurations. Test coverage can be increased by offering up to 64* 9penFix probes for vectorless testing of ICs and connectors and polarity verification of electrolytic capacitors.

The Strategy VIP Series offers maximum test flexibility along with the high speed and accuracy of measurements, easily combining analog and digital testing.

The digital channel cards are equipped with drivers/sensors programmable in voltage and current, complementing the analog test capabilities, and in the dynamic configuration, pattern rates can reach up to 10 MHz for 1 million test vectors. An optional Flash Programming module can be added to further enhance production throughput, and, thanks to its versatile architecture, it is easy to add functional
test capability. The VIP test backplane includes an 8-line analog bus and hosts the ACL Synthetic instrument card and allows easy integration of IEEE ,VXI, and PXI instruments.

The Valid VIP (VIVA Integrated Platform) Series is the ultimate integrated functional test solution, capable of providing high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal testing. Valid VIP Series is the result of the unmatched SEICA experience in testing complex types of electronic boards and assemblies, combined with the innovations of new DSP and FPGA-driven digital technology.

Powerful, flexible and scalable, the Valid VIP Series can address a wide range of applications, from analog, power analog, high-speed digital, mixed-signal electronic modules for final manufacturing verification or depot maintenance operations.

At the heart of the system is the \IP test backplane. Controlled by the system PC through the high-speed fiber-optic bus, the \IP test backplane hosts channel cards, routing cards and instrumentation. The backplane includes an 8-line analog bus which can be accessed by all measurement cards in a flexible, reconfigurable fashion to suit diverse application requirements. The analog test resources are based in the ACL Synthetic Instrument, which provides high DSP-driven performance, flexibility for DC/AC stimuli and measurements. The system offers ample capacity to add external IEEE, \XI, cPCI or PXI instruments, fully integrated through a powerful, easy to use, and intuitive software environment.


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