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JET 300
JET-300 is an automatic test equipment which measures the impedance of all electronic components on a loaded printed circuit board. Components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET, SCR, LED, ICs, etc. are all the objects for this tester to detect. The opens/ shorts fail, incorrect and disoriented components could be located. The overwhelming functions do help the users to find the faults and improve the quality efficiently.

In addition, JET-300 ICT has superior software system supporting for program preparation before testing. The system is also powerful in locating the faulty component and producing the statistic reports of test data from testing results easily. The hardware facilities equipped with lots of advanced technologies such as reed relay scanner board and Agilent TestJet Technology etc. JET-300 ICT always aims at being the greatest partner in your production lines!

Special features of JET-300
Reed Relay Scanner Board
JET-300' scanner board uses reed relay, which is able to stand 200 million-time testing. Equipped with reed relay scanner board, JET-300 has greatly different functions from ICT that uses CMOS relay scanner board.
  1. Zener diode testing voltage could be reached up to 50V for all test points.
  2. The measurement of small capacitors and small inductors are more accurate and stable. They are not so influenced by temperature.
  3. The Reed Relay scanner board's detecting ratio to polarity for electrolyzed capacitor is much higher than the scanner board, which CMOS employed.
  4. Reed relay can stand higher voltage. In addition, the detecting function to the residual voltage is designed to protect scanner board from damage.
  5. Due to the high voltage durability feature of reed relay, it allows others optional testing device to add in.
Agilent TestJet Technology

Agilent TestJet Technology is developed by Agilent company. The technology is used to detect the solder open of SMD IC's pin. JET-300 is authorized by Agilent to use this technology, thus the testability is improved and satisfying test result can be obtained on digital type PC boards such as computer mother boards, interface boards, fax cards and CD ROM boards etc.

  1. It measures the capacitor between the copper foil and the frame of IC to detect if it is open in SMD IC pin. The users do not have to write any program and it could test and report correctly and efficiently.
  2. It can test any type of IC such as Insertion type, PLCC type, QFP type, TAB type, PGA type, BGA type (OMPAC) etc.
  3. It can detect the open fail of any kind of socket, such as insertion type and SMD type
Wide frequency and accurate phase measurement
The component value could be measured individually when RC or RL are paralleled. Because of the wider signal resources frequency (in between 100Hz to 1MHz), the tester can detect more than other ICTs, the component in the circuits below could be measured correctly.

Transistor 3-terminal mode test & 4-terminal mode test
3-terminal component such as Transistor, Digital Transistor, FET, SCR etc. 4-terminal component such as Photo Coupler could be correctly measured. The wrong insertion or defective part could be detected definitely. The ß value of a transistor could be measured .

Polarity check for aluminum electrolyzed capacity
The coverage could be 100% when using 3-terminal measurement to detect the polarity of aluminum electrolyzed capacitor; the coverage could be very high when using leakage current measurement to detect the polarity of electrolyzed capacitor.